Online Listening


Our FLM+ online listening team has replaced social listening with online listening as the latest technology to monitor mentions of your issues or brands across multiple media content channels. These include blogs, forums, YouTube and all social media and micro blogging platforms. Traditional publications/newspapers are included via their online formats. Even comments from a newspaper column are now part of this overall consolidated conversation view.

We can scour the Internet for any mentions of our collaborative pre-set queries and provide unguarded, unfiltered thoughts that are being shared online about either your brand or a particular issue that is critical to your stakeholders. Issue management strategies and proactive brand management messaging are both more timely and effective with this knowledge.

These unique platforms then segment conversations where they are happening and identify the precise influencers who are speaking. Our clients can then utilize this timely information to construct an aggregate persona of who their detractors or advocates are, where they speak and how much influence they wield.

Finally, and most importantly, we can then craft a message that is most likely to resonate with these influencers and their followers.


+ Unguarded thoughts

+ Insights on issues

+ Key influencers

+ Conversation locations

+ Most important audiences