FMC Authority Ambassadors

FMC Authority Ambassadors

The Authority Ambassadors campaign is designed to showcase the sense of pride and loyalty felt by growers who use the FMC Authority® brand herbicides. It features five loyal FMC customers in key regional areas across the U.S. who “Rule their Fields” using Authority brand herbicides. Their success stories are brought to life through bold testimonials and stunning black and white imagery.

This campaign consists of print ads, a 4 page shared insert, digital banner ads, paid search ads, trade show engagements and campaign landing pages. Highly targeted digital and traditional media as well as integrated public relations are aimed at farmers in the Midwest seeking a strong and reliable soybean herbicide to enhance their weed management strategy. Testing was conducted with top Authority herbicide retailers in each region of the U.S. prior to launch to ensure message and creative were consistent with brand promise.

View the campaign landing page and read the ambassador stories online.


+ Set Strategy

+ Align Teams

+ Frame Opinions

+ Create Demand